Book my taxi

How do I book my ride ?

You just need to fill in the fields located on the homepage with your departure and arrival adresses, the pick-up date and time and the number of passengers. Then click on « SEARCH». We offer you a selection od vehicles with the prices associated. Careful, for postal or hotel adresses, make sure you fill in the complete address of the place.

How long in advance can I book my taxi ?

  • G7 in Paris and Ile de France: You can ask for an immediate ride, clicking on the button "NOW" available when you choose the date and time of your ride.
  • In regions: Up to 24 hours before the pick-up time desired
  • In shared taxi and Flex: Up to 5 hours before the pick-up time desired

How long do I need to estimate between the arrival of my flight and the departure of my taxi ?

You want to book a taxi from an airport but you don't know how much time you need between the landing of your plane and the pick-up time for your taxi? For national and European Schengearea flights: - No luggage to collect: around 15/20 minutes - Luggage to collect: around 30/40 minutes.   For European OUTSIDE Schengen area and international flights:
  • The passenger has a French or European (Schengen area) passport
- No luggage to collect: around 35/35 minutes - Luggage to collect: around 40/60 minutes.
  • The passenger doesn't have a French or European (Schengen area) passport
- No luggage to collect: around 40/60 minutes - Luggage to collect: around 50 min/1h10.

How do I choose my vehicle ?

After launching your search, choose your taxi by clicking on the button "Select", available on the right side of each proposition.

May I add options ?

Options are available for your vehicle will be displayed after clicking on « Select ». Careful, all the options are not available for all the vehicles.

Can I travel with my pet ?

Pets are not allowed in our vehicles.

How much luggage can I travel with ?

In G7 and Flex, you can choose your vehicle according to the trunk capacity you need. In shared taxi, bagages are limited : 2 cabin bagages OR 1 hold bagage per person.

Can I travel with children ?

In France, the Highway code allows taxis to carry children under 10 years old without any device. However, you can choose in option a booster seat (1 booster seat available per vehicle only).

Can I book a taxi for a third ?

Yes. If you book for another person, you must pay attention in filling the passenger information required in the section « Passenfer info ».

Can I get a bill for a third (employer, organization etc.) ?

Yes. In this case, you must fill in the section « billing information » the contact details of the person/entity to whom you transfer your bill.

How do I pay for my order ?

Your order is mandatorily paid in advance by card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).   Careful. No payment or extra charge will be asked onboard. The price of your order is fixed.

Is it mandatory to save my payment card ?

Yes, if you have chosen to create an account. Due to security reasons, a fake payment of 0,01€ is required just before the payment of your order. Careful, This simulation doesn't create a real debit on your account and does not validate your order. No, if you don't create an account. You just need to pay directly the total amount of your order. Your payment card won't be saved for your next reservations.
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